Yarn Sun Catchers

There is something so simple and fun about sun catchers, especially the kind you can make yourself from things you already have around the house. The yarn sun catchers are a craft specifically meant to display. The dancing light streaming through these colorful catchers will be sure to brighten up any room.


  • Supply List
  • Small sticks
  • Colourful yarn
  • Scissors


Step 1. Pick your sticks. You want to find sticks that are thin and straight. If you want to try making shapes with curves in them you will want slender, bendy sticks that are still green. These you can shape into hearts and circles if you are feeling adventurous. Otherwise you are stuck making triangles, diamonds, and squares for your yarn sun catchers.


Step 2. Now it is time to try your sticks together and make your shapes. The best way to do this is to pull the string through the middle of the two sticks, wrap it around twice, and pull it back through the middle of the two sticks. Then take the long ends and tie them together with double knots as shown in the picture.


Step 3. Next, with a long piece of yarn (about 1 metre) you start wrapping around your shape. You can loop it in and out, or you can just wrap it around the outside of your sticks if that is easier. You do not want to use so much yarn that you can see spaces through your sun catcher, otherwise they won’t catch the sun.


Step 4. When you have finished wrapping yarn around your shape it is time to tie it off. During this part you want to leave a long bit of string to hang your yarn sun catcher from. All you have to do is wrap a loop around the criss-cross section of two sticks, pull the long piece through the loop, and pull tight. There! You are done.

Personalise the Craft

These simple and pretty yarn sun catchers are fun to make with all colors of yarn. You can use matching color schemes so they go well with the colors in your room. They look so good when they are hung from the windows. Another thing you can try is wrapping them with lace or twine. These yarn wrapped sun catchers are an easy craft you can complete in a single afternoon.