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My name is Trish and I am ‘mum’ to four gorgeous girls . My eldest daughter has just turned 13. She is funny, loving, a talented artist and she has autism. Yes, she keeps us all on our toes! I also have 8- year old identical triplets who each have their very own unique personalities. People often ask me if their personalities are all the same. No, they’re not! But there are some traits they share besides their good looks. They’re confident, smart, cute and the very best of friends.

I was a school teacher before I began my online business when my triplets had just turned 1-year old. For a few years now, I have been blessed to work from home in a job that I am truly passionate about. During our working day, I am lucky enough to hang out with our two puppies, Sophie and Molly, our pet pig Nellie and our backyard chickens.

I don’t think you could say our home and office are anything but busy. Somehow though, we manage to create a pretty relaxed lifestyle.

My girls have grown up in a family that works with websites every day, and for a long while they’ve been asking me to create a site where we can all contribute as a family. About a year ago, my daughter, Ella, came up with the name Ruby Roundabout one afternoon and the idea grew from there.

My girls are very creative little souls who spend a lot of time on art and craft every day. They love putting simple meals together independently and I love watching them learn to be independent. It amazes me to watch my girls making their own healthy afternoon snacks or following instructions to make their own crafty creations. The girls and I are excited to share these ideas with you.

Ruby Roundabout is a place where my girls can share their love of food and craft that may inspire other parents and children. It’s a place where I share the recipes, crafts and other useful tips and ideas that allow me to run a business, give my kids healthy homemade meals, keep our household reasonably organised and yet still find the time to lead the relaxed lifestyle I choose for myself and my family.

Most importantly, I hope it’s a place that you enjoy visiting. I hope you benefit from the content we share here at Ruby Roundabout and I hope you’ll let us know how you go on your journey to a relaxed life that’s full of fun and passion.

Trish xx



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