Envelope Book

Making an envelope book is a fun easy way to use those stacks of envelopes you might have around the house. They are great for special occasions, could be a fun way to collect small treasures, and even could be used as an advent calendar. So, with just a handful of envelopes a few other simple supplies you too could make an envelope book.



  • Envelopes (3 or more)
  • Glue stick
  • Markers
  • String or ribbon


Step 1. Open the top flap of your first envelope. Using your glue stick cover the inside of the flap with glue. You won’t have to use too much, just enough to hold the paper in place.


Step 2. With the next envelope, facing the same direction, place it on the glued flap of the first envelope making sure to align the fold with the bottom edge of the second envelope. Press firmly in place. Repeat until all of your envelopes are glued into a long line. Note: working with an odd number of envelopes is best.


Step 3. Now fold your envelopes into an accordion, alternating the direction so they all fold on top of each other. If you do use an odd number, then when you are finished folding you should be able to use the flap of the top envelope and fold it over the bottom envelope, making the finished product look just like one envelope.


Step 4. Using the coloured markers you can decorate your envelope however you like. Depending on the occasion or purpose of your envelope book, you can choose colours and patterns to match. This example uses red, pink, and purple for Valentine’s Day.


Step 5. Now it is time to finish your envelope book by gluing on your ribbon. Start by unfolding your accordion so the envelopes are in a long line again. Then, on the bottom envelope you will start by gluing your ribbon face up in the middle front of the envelope. Then you will fold your envelopes back up, and wrap the ribbon around the back and to the front once more. If you want to be able to open and close your envelope book then you can finish here. Otherwise, you can fill up your envelopes and glue the ribbon in place when you are finished.


Personalise this Craft


The best way to personalise this craft is to first decide what you want to use your envelope book for. If you want to fill it with little notes or collect things that can help you decide how you want to decorate it. Also, you can choose coloured envelopes if you have a stock of those sitting around. Just make sure all of your envelopes are the same size. Something else that would be fun is decorating them with stickers. When finished your envelope book is a fun craft to keep, or could be a great idea to give to a friend or family member as a gift.