Watercolour Monogram Kids Craft

The watercolour monogram is an easy kid’s craft that will spark the imagination and engage the creative juices. Watch in wonder as the colour seeps across the page in abstract patterns. The supplies for a watercolour monogram are things you can easily find in the home. Then, when the finished product is dry, it can be a personalised piece of art you can happily display, not on the fridge, but in a frame on the wall.

Supply List

Thicker Paper
Watercolours and Brushes
Masking Tape


Step 1. Always prepare your creative space so you don’t make a mess. Lay down some newspaper because things might get a little damp. It helps if you tape it in place. Then assemble your supplies, fill a cup full of clean water, and you are ready to go. Also, it is best to use washable watercolours if you can, in case of accidental spills.

Step 2. Using the masking tape and scissors, cut strips and tape off a letter. Letters like “K” and “F” or “L” will be easy. However, if you have a letter with curves, like “S” or “B” then you can still do a watercolour monogram by using a white crayon to draw in the letter.


Step 3. Water wash your entire paper. This means you simply take your paintbrush, soak it in just the clear water, and spread it across the page. For the watercolour monogram craft to work you will pretty much need to get the entire page wet.

Step 4. Now dip your brush in your watercolours and get to work. It is fun to just dab your brush on the page and watch the color spread, but you can also paint with straight and curly strokes. The colours will probably run together, and that is great. Just make sure you have at least outlined your entire letter with watercolours.


Step 5.  Once you have filled the page with colours it is time to sprinkle the salt. This part of the craft works best if the page is still a little wet, so if parts of it are dry you can spray it with a spray bottle full of clear water. Then sprinkle on the salt and watch as colour starts to spread in new patterns.

Step 6. Now leave your monogram watercolour out to dry. In most cases you will want to let the page dry a little, then you will want to press it flat. To do this simply place a clean page over the top of your artwork, then layer on a little newspaper, and finally use a heavy book to press it flat.


Step 7. Once dry you can peel the tape off of your watercolour monogram and use an old gift card or business card to scrape off the salt. Take it slow, otherwise you will rip the page. Now you are finished and ready to hang your masterpiece on the wall. For your finished product you will see colour everywhere except on the letter.

Personalise this Craft

It is fun to use the first letter in your name for this craft, or even do two letters from your first and last name. Another fun thing to do is write a message with the white crayon before you paint and watch as the secret message is revealed when you use the watercolours. A watercolour monogram would make a fun gift for a friend, or would be a great craft to frame and use in your bedroom.