Tissue Paper Stained Glass

Tissue paper stained glass may sound a little hard, but really this is a super easy craft you can do at home. It will brighten up any window and bring colour and creativity to any room you choose. So pull out your tissue paper and have some fun.



Tissue paper



Clear tape


Step 1. First thing is first, decide what kind of stained glass picture you want to make with your tissue paper. For this example there was already fish on the tissue paper, which made it easy. You can make it work with whatever you have: flowers, stars, clouds, princesses, or cars. Even if you just have blank tissue paper you can still make some great stained glass like stars, hearts, snowflakes, snowmen, leaves or even Christmas trees.


Step 2. Draw the shapes you want to cut out of the tissue paper with a marker. Hint, you should lay down some newspaper first, because the marker will go through the thin sheets of tissue paper and you don’t want to make a mess on your table.


Step 3. Carefully cut out your shapes using the scissors. Tissue paper tears easily so be sure you go slow, and if you do mess up, don’t worry, you can quickly make another one.


Step 4. Stick your paper to the window using the clear tape. You can make any design or picture you want. Also, if you want to test your design before using the tape you can stick the paper to the window with just a dab of water and then come back and use the tape once you have everything in the right place. When finished you can step back and enjoy your new stained glass window.


Personalise the Craft

There are so many designs and pictures you can make if you decided to do tissue paper stained glass. You can make just a border around your window, or you can fill the entire window if you like. If you want, you can make the sun and some clouds, or fish in a fish tank. The best part is none of it is permanent. You can leave your design up for a week and then change it if you want to. So don’t be afraid of messing up. The tissue paper stained glass is meant to be a fun and easy craft, something you can do over and over again.