Personalised Party Decorations – Watercolour Bunting

It is always fun to personalise your party decorations, and if you are looking to do so then this watercolour bunting craft is just the thing for you. All you need are a handful of supplies you can collect around the house and before you know it you will have fun, personalised decorations to hang.


3 pieces of paper
Watercolours and brushes
Hole punch


Step 1. Start by putting down some newspaper before you paint, because watercolours can make a big mess if you are not careful. Then paint patterns on each of your pieces of paper. You can paint one with stripes, one with spots, and one with abstract blotches. Use whatever methods and colors you want to paint your papers, but keep in mind the theme and color pallet for your party, if that is what you are making the bunting for.



Step 2. You have to let your paper dry completely before starting this next step. Take your painted paper and fold it in half lengthwise. Now unfold it and use your scissors to cut your paper in half along that line.



Step 3. Put one half on top of the other and cut off one edge at a diagonal. You can throw that first piece away. Now cut the pages into triangles, just cutting back and forth in a zig-zag pattern as shown. When you finish the last cut you will again throw away the small pieces from the bottom of the pages. Put these triangles aside and do the same for the other two pages.



Step 4. Now you will have three piles of triangles, one from each page you painted. Punch two holes on the short side of all your triangles, one in each corner. Be careful not to punch too close to the edge, otherwise you will not be able to string your triangles on your banner.



Step 5. Pull a long length of yarn and thread one triangle at a time. Pull the thread through the back, across the front, and into the hole on the other corner as shown. Then thread the triangle all the way to the other end of the yarn. Now do the same for the rest of the triangles, alternating the piles you take them from. Once all the triangles are threaded with yarn you are ready to hang your decorations.


Personalise the Craft

One good thing about watercolor is you can do whatever patterns and color-combinations you choose. You can also cut out the triangles first and paint a message on your watercolour bunting. You can say “Happy Birthday” or spell someone’s name. Also, if you decide not to use yarn, you can string your bunting on some thin lace or with twine depending on how nice you want it to look. Once your party is over you can save your watercolour bunting to use again or even hang it above your bed in your room for personalised decorations.