Painted Story Rocks

Do you collect rocks on the adventures your take with your family? If this is a tradition of yours, you probably have a stash of rocks sitting in a shoebox under your bed not doing you any good. So, instead of just storing them away, why not make them into painted story rocks? That way they will be more fun to save, show your friends, and pull out when you want to remember all the fun you had on your little adventures.


  • Rocks you collected
  • Paint and brush
  • Small cloth pouch
  • Masking tape or paper tag
  • Marker


Step 1: Make sure your rocks are clean before you start painting them. Dirt, even dry dirt, on your rocks can mess up your paint. So rinse them with warm water, scrub off the dirt and mud, then dry them off before you start painting.


Step 2: Paint little images on each of the rocks. Choose things that will help you remember what you were doing when you collected the rocks. For example, if you were camping with your family you could paint a tent, a tall tree, water from the lake, the moon and the stars.


Step 3: While the paint on your rocks is drying you can label your cloth bag. It is best if you simply use a short description and the date of your trip, vacation, or small adventure. That way you can remember more about your rock collection.


Step 4: Once the paint is dry you can store your rocks in your little pouch and pull them out when you want to show your friends and tell them the story of your adventure. All you have to do is pull out one of your painted story rocks and tell them why you painted what you did.


Personalise the Craft

There are so many things you can do with your painted story rocks. You can make a new set every time you get back from a holiday, hike, or trip. You can record your memories on paper and store those with your rocks. Or, if you just want to paint rocks from your yard, you can still make up stories by painting a crown, a wand, a castle, and a sword. Then, when you want to tell a story, get out your bag of painted story rocks, pull out a rock, and start with once upon a time. With painted story rocks the memories and the stories can go on and on.