Painted Savings Jar

Everyone likes to save money, but it is made even better when you get rid of the standard piggy bank and make your own painted savings jar. You can customise how you decorate it as well as what you are saving for. These custom made banks will help motivate you to save more and save better. Best news? You don’t even have to spend any money to make it because all of the supplies you can find at home.


Supply List

  • One jar and lid
  • Craft paints and brushes
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Tape
  • Sandpaper


Step 1. Start by covering the lid and your jar with craft paint. It is best to put down some newspaper and paint the jar upside down. This will keep your hands and other surfaces clean. It is fun to use an abstract method for painting, but you can also do stripes, chevron, or ring patterns around the jar.


Step 2. While the paint dries you can make the label for your painted savings jar. You can put whatever you want on your label. The example is a savings jar specifically for adventures and vacations. Choose a word that will help motivate you to save your money. You can also decorate your label with patterns to match your jar if you choose.


Step 3. Once the paint on your jar is dry you can start sanding a little bit off. This makes it look a little rougher and will give you a peek at your money while it sits on your shelf. The sandpaper helps make the patterns on your jar blend together better too.


Step 4. The last thing to do is attach your label with masking tape and put the lid in place. Once finished you can put your savings jar on a bedside table or up on a shelf. Put it somewhere you can see it and remember to save those coins you collect. Before you know it you will have all the money saved up and can treat yourself to the thing you have been scrimping for.


Personalise the Craft

Adding your favourite colours and designs to your painted savings jar is one of the best ways to personalise saving money. There are so many ways to paint your jar that you might want to make more than one. Another way to personalise your savings jar is to decide what you are saving for and make a matching label: vacations, a new toy, or your favourite treats. You can also use modge podge to decorate your new bank.

If you don’t want a painted savings jar at all you can also use this same method to make a colourful lantern by placing a battery operated candle inside.