Organic Flower Art

Good weather means loads of flowers and loads of flowers means more ways to use those colorful plants in your crafts at home. One really simple, yet very beautiful thing you can make with fresh flowers is organic flower art. For this project all you need are a few buds from the yard, a few leaves, and some simple craft supplies you already have at home.



  • Flowers and leaves
  • Scissors
  • String, ribbon, or twine
  • Cardstock
  • Craft glue
  • Marker


Step 1. First, after collecting your flowers and leaves, you should decide how you want to bunch them and place them on your cardstock. Think of it as making tiny bouquets. Put the flowers together and tie them together.


Step 2. Trim the longer stems off of your flowers and leaves and cut any remaining leaves into fun shapes like circles, butterflies, or flower shapes.


Step 3. Before gluing everything in place try arranging the small bunches in different ways on your cardstock. Then, once you have decided how you want them to look, you can start sticking them in place with your craft glue. A glue gun will also work very well. The best way to secure them is by putting most of the glue on the stems and them using a little glue to stick down some of the leafy parts you want to lay flat.


Step 4. Using your marker write a short message, poem, or title on your new work of organic flower art. You can also sign your work or leave your initials on it for a fun, personal touch. Just remember, this art isn’t meant to last forever. If you do want to preserve it there are ways to modge podge flowers and leaves to preserve them, or you can just take a picture and be able to enjoy your organic art much longer.


Personalise the Craft

The organic flower art is a great way to remember a nature walk or summer afternoon. If you like to collect flowers you can put a few of your favourites into your craft. This type of craft also works great with fall leaves. Also, because the craft will eventually wilt away, you can keep making new and fresh pieces of art.