Remember your holiday in a different way

As a craft the holiday jar is simple, fun, and one of the best ways to remember and display memories from family adventures. The supplies for this particular craft are easy to assemble from items already in your home, as well as a few treasures you pick up on your holidays. It can be completely personalised and once completed placed lovingly on a shelf to display. Then, if ever you need to escape for a moment, you have a holiday jar to take you straight back to those good times.

Supply List

  • Empty glass jar with a lid
  • Craft paint and a brush
  • Treasures from your vacation
  • Photograph from your vacation
  • Hole punch
  • String
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Marker


Step 1. Remove the lid and begin to paint it. This might take two coats, especially if you are using something like a pickle jar. So while the first coat dries you can move on to the other steps and then give it another coat before you assemble the rest of the holiday jar.


Step 2. While the lid dries, fill your glass jar with the treasures from your trip. In this jar there is sand from the desert and a couple of pretty rocks. For your craft you can use anything you like that you collected on your own holiday: shells, sea glass, twigs, dried flowers etc.


Step 3. Trim your chosen photograph so it sides nicely into the glass jar. Be sure not to trim too much off though, because you still want the edges to touch both sides of the jar when you slide it inside. You can also use something like a postcard if you don’t have any photographs.


Step 4. Now cut a tag out of a piece of paper and use the hole punch on the top of the tag. With a marker write a note on the tag for your holiday jar. You can write down the place you visited and the date you were there, or you can describe your favorite parts of the holiday.


Step 5. Once the lid is dry you can assemble the rest of your holiday jar. All you have to do is secure the lid, wrap the string around the top of the jar, and tie on the tag you wrote. Now it is ready for display.


Personalise the Craft

There are so many ways you can make this craft your own. You can use fancy labels to put on your jars instead of a paper tag, fill them to the brim with treasures and mementoes from your holiday instead of a photograph, or use pretty twine or ribbon to secure the tag to the jar. If you want to get really fancy you can even wrap the jar in a little lace or use fabric or decoupage to decorate the lid. You can make one for every holiday and display them together on a shelf in your room or even on the mantle in your living room. They make for fun conversations when you have visitors over and they see your beautiful holiday jars on display.