Construction Paper Mosaic

A construction paper mosaic is a beautiful and super easy craft you can make with very few supplies. When it comes to versatile craft supplies nothing is better than construction paper. There are so many colours available, which means you can create a mosaic of whatever you like: a landscape, a portrait, or a message. For this craft you can even just use scraps of construction paper to make up your colourful mosaic.


  • Different colours of construction paper
  • One white sheet of paper
  • Glue


Step 1. First you want to lay out the picture you want do as your mosaic. You can draw it out if you like, or you can just design it in your head and use the torn pieces of paper to bring it together. If you do end up drawing your picture first, be sure to use light pencil strokes so they can’t be seen once you glue the pieces in place.


Step 2. Tear your colourful construction paper into small pieces. You will not need a full sheet, so just make little piles of each colour at first. Then, if you need more for your construction paper mosaic, you can tear up more.


Step 3. Start gluing using small drops of glue in a certain area and then sticking the small pieces of construction paper in place. The mosaic method works best when you layer the small pieces of paper over one another so they overlap slightly.


Step 4. Use different sizes and shapes of torn paper to make up your mosaic. Not all of the pieces have to be tiny. You can use long strips or tear in certain shapes if that will better suit your overall picture.


Step 5. Once you have finished gluing all the pieces of construction paper to your mosaic you might notice the paper is a little rippled from all the glue. To help smooth your construction paper mosaic you can press it flat by laying another full sheet of paper overtop and pressing it flat with a book. Once the glue is dry your creation is finished.

Personalise this Craft

This mosaic method for making a picture can be used for so many things: making cards, creating posters, and even decorating storage boxes. You can create a mosaic of any subject and hang it on the wall, or give it as a gift. Making a construction paper mosaic is so easy, and can be really fun if you are looking for a simple craft to do at home.