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Christmas Advent Printable Activities

Every year my girls love to choose an advent calendar which they eagerly raid once a day for the small chocolate hidden behind each number. As fun as it is, it can be more fun with some daily activities to accompany the chocolate treat.


I created these little Advent Activity cards and decided to buy a fabric advent calendar. I know… I could have made one. But honestly, I ran out of time and I went into Kikki K one night a few weeks ago and saw a lovely sky blue fabric calendar with red and white accents on sale for under $40. Easy! It fit our colour scheme and, most importantly, it has BIG pockets that are large enough to allow me to drop in an activity card along with four chocolates, one for each of my girls. Pottery Barn, of course,  also had some lovely choices which look as beautiful as ever.

So here we go… we’re just about to wave goodbye to November and welcome December. It’s time to get serious, roll up our sleeves and get ridiculously organised.


I wrote this set of cards especially for this year. I love the idea of cards that rhyme. There’s something about a rhyme that makes the words seem so much more exciting and playful; as if they’re doing a cheeky dance across the page. Maybe it’s just me but I enjoy them so much more!


I hope you download them, print them and use them in your home. I’ll be so excited to hear whether you like them and I’ll be over the moon if you use them successfully with your family.


Download Advent Activity cards here

Enjoy your advent adventures.