Cardboard Tube Animals

With so many types of cardboard tubes lying around the house, what better way to put them to use than a craft? When you make cardboard tube animals you can use them for play, as puppets, for decoration, or even to put gifts in if you choose. The craft is so simple and quick, it will only take you a few minutes to complete and be ready to enjoy.



  • Cardboard tubes
  • Paint and brushes
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Step 1: Cut down your tubes to a size you like using the scissors. Then all you have to do to form the ears is to gently bend down the edges and crease them. If you want to secure it even more then you can add a little dab of glue to the center where the sides overlap and hold it firmly in place while it dries.


Step 2: Using a white paint start designing your animals. You might think it is a bit backwards, starting with the white, but for the animals I chose doing this step first made the rest of the painting a little easier.


Step 3: With the other paint colours in your palate finish adding details to your animals. To do small detail you can use the handle end of your paint brush to add small dots, like for the eyes, or wavy lines, like for the feathers. Let the paint dry and your cardboard tube animals are complete.



Personalise the Craft

The animals in this example are a fox, a dog, and an owl, but you can make any other animals you want, just be sure to choose something with pointy ears or horns. Some other examples would be cats, skunks, lynxes, or even dinosaurs. Let your imagination go to work and you can make a whole zoo of animals if you choose. Also, if you want to turn these animals into packages for gifts then all you have to do is fill them with your treats or trimmings and the seal up the bottom as you did the top. So easy! Tie it with some string and your little handmade gift box is ready to go.