Yoga for Kids

The best part about yoga for kids is that they are doing something other than screaming, screaming at you, screaming at someone or something else, destroying something, devaluing your property or causing you to slowly age.  The best part about yoga is that it keeps your kids occupied long enough for you to remember your name and all those tiny little crushed dreams that now litter your mind.


Yes, while your kids are distracted by yoga, it’s time for you to breath deeply too.  The inner peace they find will give you just enough time to realise that it all went wrong somewhere.  Okay, fun aside, yoga can be amazingly good for people of all ages and not just pretentious adults in overpriced workout gear.  Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons that kids should be practicing yoga.

The Top 10 Yoga Benefits for Kids

  1. Has a calming effect
  2. Improves the ability to focus
  3. Has been shown to build neurological connections in the brain
  4. Helps children understand the value of silence
  5. Gets them off the couch
  6. Gets them away from television, computer screens, video games and tablets
  7. Improves muscle strength
  8. Improves flexibility
  9. Will help them stay calm as they grow older
  10.  Gives you a few moments to contemplate running away

Children’s yoga has become a pretty hot activity for kids and it will likely grow in the coming years as and more people become aware of the numerous long-term health benefits associated with this practice.  Yoga works and is a very positive force in the lives of many people.  It can help children too.

little girl meditating in park

How Can You Start?

You don’t necessarily need to find a yoga instructor for your kids to begin practicing yoga.  There are plenty of Internet videos and DVDs that show how to do yoga, and there are even options specifically for children.

It is very important that you are persistent.  Sometimes children will reject a new activity simply because you are the one suggesting it, they are in a bad mood or just because it is new.  The benefits of yoga are profound enough that it is worth the time to keep at it.

Of course, there are added benefits as well.  Yoga is something that you and your child can do together.  It is a very positive activity that will make you both feel much better once you’ve finished.

Healthy morning stretching - woman with son doing gymnastic exer

The odds are excellent that once your kids begin practicing yoga, they’ll love it. Yoga is also reenergising and can provide you will an extra boost of energy that can last throughout the day.  Then again, maybe this isn’t the best idea after all…