Why Is Drinking Water So Good for You?

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things that you can do for your health.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding what “staying hydrated” means.  Your body is mostly water.  It may be hard to believe looking at yourself in the mirror or the people around you, but in reality they are mostly just big bags of water with some proteins and minerals thrown in.  Sure, it’s all rather complicated with DNA and all, but the bottom line is we’re mostly walking, talking bags of water!

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Think about the importance of water another way.  Your brain needs water too.  This is why dehydration can lead to problems thinking.  If you want to be sharper so you can figure out when your kids are trying to trick you, then you need to keep your brain humming along and that means getting enough water.  Omega-3 fatty acids and blueberries get a lot of attention when it comes to brain health, but the same can be stated for water.  Also, what is good for the brain is often good for the heart, and it should come as no surprise that heart experts also acknowledge the extreme importance of drinking enough water.

Ever had a kidney stone?  Women who’ve given birth and also had kidney stones often say that kidney stones are a close second in terms of pain.  While you don’t have to send a kidney stone to college or buy it the latest pair of overpriced shoes, they are still wildly painful.  Drinking enough water and eliminating toxic processed foods will dramatically decrease your chances of developing a kidney stone.

Are You Trying to Lose Weight?

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One way that drinking water helps you lose weight is that it can help keep you full.  Another benefit of drinking water when it comes to weight loss is that if you are drinking water, you are far less likely to be drinking something extremely unhealthy such as soft drink or diet soft drink, which is full of cancer causing artificial sweeteners.  In fact, recent studies have even shown, very clearly, that diet soft drink actually cause weight gain instead of helping with weight loss!  Yes, you did just read that correctly!  Drinking water instead of fake fruit juice drinks or weight gain promoting soft drink is the way to go.  Water has zero calories and no added weird chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer.

Your Skin Needs It

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Want to have great looking skin even though you are never sleeping because your kids are keeping you up all night?  Well that one is going to be tough, but if you are going to have a fighting chance you need to stay hydrated, and that means plenty of water and foods, such as kiwi fruit, watermelon, grapefruits and oranges.

These fruits are loaded with water and compounds that help skin cells renew and look great.  Without enough water, you will have dry looking skin.  Want to stay good looking enough that your romantic partner doesn’t jump ship?  start drinking more water, eating organic fruits like the one’s we’ve mentioned and increase your omega-3 fatty acid intake and do it fast!

In addition to drinking water, it is important that the water you drink is purified.  There are tens of thousands of untested chemicals now in our water supply.  Sadly, this is not a myth but is instead a cold, hard fact.

If you have children, it is vitally important that you invest in a system for purifying your water.  A multistage system is most likely to be successful when it comes to purification.  Many people believe that they don’t need to purify their water, because their municipality treats it, however, that just isn’t the case.  Water treatment facilities were not designed to remove the thousands of compounds that have made their way into our water.  Some of those compounds are very serious, cancer causing compounds and even heavy metals such as lead and mercury, which every parent should work feverishly to avoid.  Drinking enough water is incredibly important, but so is making sure that the water you drink is purified and healthy.