Using Aromatherapy To Calm Hyperactive Kids

Coping with a hyperactive child is stressful for any parent but there is far too much emphasis on serious medication to treat this all too common disorder. There is no telling what the long term effects these meds will have on such young children, so surely there has to be a better, more natural way to help them? Aromatherapy offers a potential solution that is natural, cost effective and safe. The most important thing to remember is that children are extremely susceptible to the powerful effects of these plant extracts so a little can go a very long way. Never use undiluted essential oils on your child and when diluting them use half the dilution you would for an adult.

When it comes to introducing your child to Aromatherapy it’s best to stick with a limited number of oils to begin with. From the age of 6-months it is acceptable to use lavender, mandarin and roman chamomile. This list can be expanded as your child grows but these three oils are some of the most beneficial when it comes to helping children stay calm, relaxed, happy and focused. If your little one is often fractious and doesn’t want to go to bed, or do what they’re told, a blend of 6-drops lavender and 6-drops mandarin in an Aromatherapy burner can help calm them down.


Mandarin has a particularly great effect on easing stubborn behaviour and can help if your child displays jealousy or doesn’t play well with others. A soothing bath can be just the trick needed to help relax an over-excited child. Add 2-drops lavender, 1-drop mandarin and 2-drops chamomile to 2-Tablespoons of full fat or semi-skimmed milk to a warm bath. I would avoid using carrier oil as it can make the bath slippery and could pose a health and safety risk.

Massage is another great way to calm your child. A gentle but non-ticklish massage on the feet can be wonderfully grounding for your son or daughter. If they are over the age of 6-years you can start to introduce a few more essential oils into the mix. Benzoin is a great choice and kids love it because it smells like vanilla ice-cream! Geranium and rose are another two popular choices that work to bring moods back into a state of balance. Add 3-drops geranium, 3-drops benzoin and 1-drop lavender to 30 ml of carrier oil and use to massage your child’s feet. This is also really nice when applied to the shoulders, back and arms as well.

It can be really difficult for hyperactive children to focus on specific tasks, and homework can become a real issue. Rosemary, grapefruit and peppermint are stimulating oils but they can assist your child in paying attention to the task at hand. It’s good to use them in combination with more calming oils to create balance. While your child is doing their homework blend 3-drops lavender, 3-drops rosemary and 3-drops peppermint in an Aromatherapy diffuser. Alternatively you can add 2-drops rosemary and 2-drops lavender in 2-Tablespoons of full or semi-skimmed milk and add to the bath. This may be something you choose to do before they set off for school, to help them stay alert and focused throughout the day.


There is no doubt that hyperactive children can really test their parent’s patience, but it is important to remain calm. Practice deep-breathing when you can and invite your child to join in as well. Using Aromatherapy oils can encourage slower, deeper breathing, which is instantly grounding and calming. Of course if you have any concerns do speak with your GP, but do give Aromatherapy a chance, as these beautiful oils are a lovely way to bring harmony and tranquility back into you and your child’s life.