Summer Skin Care… Naturally

Who has the time to think about skin care right? Well, if you have little ones, it is absolutely vital to think about what steps you can take to protect their young skin. There are lots of ways to protect your skin during the summer. Let’s take a look.

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Carefully Consider Your Use of Sunscreen

One of the most touted ways of protecting your skin during the summer is to use sunscreen. Yet, there are problems with sunscreens. Most options are loaded with a wide array of chemicals. If you are concerned about your chemical exposure, then the last thing you might want to do is smear yet more chemicals all over your body on a daily basis. Many experts push sunscreens and they push them very, very hard, however, there are other ways to protect your skin.

Avoiding direct exposure during the peak hours of the day is one of the easiest ways to help take care of your skin during the summer. Peak hour sunlight is much more intense, and this fact is doubly true during the summer. If you can avoid sunlight during the peak hours, you’ll have reduced your risk as well. You can still enjoy the mood boosting and vitamin D benefits of sunlight, but this will reduce your exposure at the same time.

Cover Up

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Wearing a hat, sunglasses and long sleeves might not always be an option during the summer, but these simple steps will protect your skin from damage. Remember that sun exposure is not your skin’s enemy. After all, some sun exposure is important for overall health. The key is to protect your body against overexposure, and a larger hat, shades, and long sleeves can work wonders. Plus, you will find that little kids in sunhats and sunglasses look pretty darn cute.

Enjoy Lots of Fruit


Another path to healthier skin year round is to eat more watermelon. Watermelon is more than a summertime treat; it is also full of compounds that increase the health of one’s skin. Along with kiwi fruit, watermelons are one of the best friends your skin has!

Eating more fruits and vegetables can help your health in a wide range of ways. When it comes to healthier summer time skin, berries such as blueberries are a winner. Berries can boost your body’s own natural skin defenses and help keep your skin looking great.

Hydration is important year round. Yet, during the summer, staying hydrated takes on a dual level of importance. Drinking enough water on hot and sunny days helps protect you from dehydration. But drinking enough water will also help keep your skin looking its very best. Often a lack of hydration is the cause of many skin problems, but staying hydrated can dramatically reduce this problem.

Sometimes you’ll have to spend a good amount of time outdoors and during peak hours, then what? How can you protect your children’s skin during long play sessions outdoors in the summer and not look like that sad, overprotective and neurotic mother?

The bad news is that you will probably look like that mother no matter what you do, but the good news is that there are all natural sunscreen options. A lot of foods and products are labeled “all-natural,” but it doesn’t really, necessarily mean, well, anything. Finding an affordable and safe sunscreen means reading labels.

MyChelle Replenishing Solar Defense has a SPF of 30, is fragrance-free, contains organic ingredients and uses algae. This sunscreen also uses zinc oxide, which is very important as zinc oxide protects against UVA as well as UVB. Another interesting option to consider is The Healthy Baby Block SPF 40 from Lavanila Laboratories. What makes this one so great? The Healthy Baby Block SPF 40 has both a high SPF rating and is gluten free and nut free. In a word, these guys were really thinking! There are also many recipes for all-natural sunscreens that you can make yourself available online. This is a very affordable option, but like any sunscreen you try, be sure to test it out on a small area of your skin a few times before applying liberally.

The sun is both your friend and potentially your enemy. You and your children shouldn’t be afraid of the sun, but you should have a very healthy respect for it.