How to Raise Chickens at Home (and Why Would You Want To?)

“Raising chickens at home?  What century is this?”  Some of you reading this article might have uttered something akin to these two questions. Our society has become very dependent on the supply chain, but while there are tremendous advantages to the modern supply and movement of goods, there are some drawbacks.  The fact of the matter is that there are many good reasons that you might want to consider raising a few chickens of your own.

Raising chickens at home is really not much more complicated than getting a couple of chickens and placing a chicken coup in a safe area.  Of course, safety is an important issue if you want your chickens to survive.   Pretty much every creature that lives outside loves the fact that chicken tastes like, yes, chicken.

Reason One to Love Some Chickens – It’s a Learning Tool


If you have kids, then having a couple of chickens around can be a great idea.  Sure, they may end up playing in some chicken dung, but honestly, worse things have happened, well, sort of anyway.  Chicken poop will wash off.  Having chickens around can help you teach your kids about responsibility, how to care for pets and learn more about nature.

Reason Two to Love Some Chickens – Fresh Eggs

brown eggs isolated on white

Fresh organic eggs are expensive, but the ones you grab out of your backyard are way cheaper, fresher and healthier.  Are you worried about pesticides, chemicals and crazy diseases?  You should be, and one way of addressing this problem is by eating your own fresh eggs.  Not a week goes by that there isn’t another scary story about food safety.  Any step that you can take to decrease your chances of becoming ill from food is a savvy step.

Reason Three to Love Some Chickens – Eggs Are a Great Source of Protein and Nutrition

Forget all the bad press that you’ve heard about eggs, cholesterol and all the rest.  Eggs are very good for you, as they are loaded with nutrition and plenty of protein.  Raising chickens means eggs and that means a nutrient dense protein source.  How nutritious are eggs?  They are high in several B vitamins as well as vitamin A and D as well as brain boosting choline.  Choline is extremely important for the brain development of infants and children, helping to make eggs something of a superfood. Paleo folks rejoice!

Reason Four to Love Some Chickens – Protection Against Zombie and Other Apocalypses

brown hen isolated on a white background

When the zombie apocalypse comes (and it surely will), you’ll have an endless supply of eggs.  Those eggs won’t depend upon the supply chain, which has collapsed.  You’ll need to keep your strength up if you’re to have any chance of survival.  Eggs are awesome, and when the zombie apocalypse comes you can always butcher the chicken that you never should have named in the first place for a special occasion.

So save some money and boost your health at the same time by raising a few chickens.  Now let’s just hope that zombies don’t cross species.  There’s nothing like trying to eat your food while it’s jonesing for you at the same time!