Ham and Cheese Roulades

Lovely alternative to sandwiches, with cream cheese, ham and cucumber. You can try experimenting with other fillings such as salmon and cream cheese, hummus and carrot, or simple cheese and coleslaw. As long as you can keep the fillings inside the roulades when you roll them, you can use anything!

Serves: 2                                    Preparation Time: l5 mins



  • 4 slices of thin wholemeal bread (you can use white but wholemeal is healthier)
  • 125 grams/ 4 oz of cream cheese, or flavoured cream cheese
  • 8 slices of thin pre-packed ham
  • 15 cm/6 inch piece of cucumber, peeled, seeds removed and cut into batons




Take each slice of bread and roll them flat with a rolling pin.


Spread each slice with cream cheese and top with 2 thin slices of ham. Cut off the crusts. Make sure you spread the cheese right to the edges, to help them stick when you roll them.


On one side of the bread, place a baton of cucumber, leaving a little ‘poking’ out of the side. Repeat opposite that side with another piece of cucumber. Dont worry if the cucumber overlaps.


Roll the bread up quite tightly, it should stay firm.


Cut each one in half and display them neatly on a plate, or put them into your lunchbox!


Download your printable version here