Essential Oils For Oily Skin

People prone to greasy and oily skin are often under the misconception that applying more oils to the skin will only make things worse. This couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact trying to remove oils will make the skin greasier and oilier as the body will produce extra-sebum to lubricate the skin. It’s important to keep the skin clean, as bacteria will thrive on the surface of oily skin, making it more prone to spots and blackheads. A lovely way to cleanse the skin and work deeply into the pores is to have a weekly Aromatherapy steam treatment. Essential oils ideal for greasy skin include sandalwood, cedar wood, juniper, cypress, geranium, lavender and bergamot. Add 3-drops sandalwood, 2-drops lavender and 1-drop bergamot to a large bowl of recently boiled water for a deep cleansing and revitalizing steam treatment.

Gerard Stolk

Photo credit: Gerard Stolk @ flickr

A facial oil blend can be used 2-3 times a week to help balance the amount of sebum produced by the skin. Geranium really is the oil of choice here as it has a natural affinity with the hormonal system, which can be responsible for overactive sebaceous glands. In 60 ml of rosehip carrier oil, add 9-drops geranium, 3-drops bergamot, 3-drops lavender and 3-drops neroli. Lavender and neroli are particularly important in cases of acne as they help promote healing and lessen the effects of scarring. Teenage boys and men may resist the help Aromatherapy can provide because of worries about floral scents and ‘girly’ aromas. Sandalwood and cedar wood are more masculine oils so make a good alternative if the smell of geranium, bergamot and neroli don’t appeal.

Photo credit: Saluda Programa de Salud @ flickr

Photo credit: Saluda Programa de Salud @ flickr

Acne, blackheads and spots don’t just affect the face. Often they affect other areas of the body such as the back and chest. Using a massage blend either pre or post shower, or using oils in the bath, are both really good ways to give your skin some extra TLC. My personal favourite is the combination of 6-drops sandalwood, 3drops lavender, 6-drops jasmine and 3-drops bergamot in 40 ml of sweet almond oil and 20 ml jojoba oil. Not only do these oils keep my skin looking healthy and happy, the aroma is out of this world! The regular use of essential oils will keep skin looking its best, but if a pesky spot does happen to appear just dab some neat lavender or tea tree essential oil on it. This will help clear the pimple in no time, usually within 24-hours, as long as you resist the urge to squeeze it!

Photo credit: Russell McNeil @ flickr

Photo credit: Russell McNeil @ flickr

Another way to care for oil prone skin is to create a toner that can be used on a daily basis. Unlike many over-the-counter beauty products, essential oils are 100% natural, so are much better for your skin. Often store bought products contain harsh chemicals that can make conditions worse. For your own homemade toner blend 90 ml of witch-hazel with 30ml of rosewater and add 5-drops ylang ylang, 5-drops chamomile and 3-drops lavender. This is a great combination to combat a dull complexion and help keep blackheads at bay. It’s also gentle enough to use everyday and within a week you should start to notice a positive change in your overall complexion.

Whatever your skin type, Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to make your beauty regime more special. The gorgeous aromas and powerful properties of these oils work with your skin, allowing your inner and outer beauty to shine through!