Daily Motivation – Mar 18


When You Get Knocked Down, Turn it All Around.

Everyone faces challenges and problems in life.  There is no way around it, you will get knocked down and you will have unexpectedly bad things happen to you.  At some point, you will feel sad, shocked and even dismayed, but that’s okay, because it’s all just part of life.  One of the key differences, perhaps the key difference, between living a life that is full of joy and happiness and living one that is punctuated by too much sadness and regret is being able to get up when you get knocked down, dust yourself off, heal your wounds and move on.  Remember this: yes, you’ve had a bad day, but most days have more good to offer you than they do bad.  It is important to not lose sight of this fact.  You have the power to control how you think.  Don’t let a bad day or even a collection of bad days turn into a bad month, a bad year or worst of all, a bad life.  What you believe is true for you and your life ultimately does indeed turn out to be true.  What you believe you can accomplish has everything to do with how you bounce back from adversity.  So believe in yourself and that better days are ahead.  Believe that your decisions are the key player in making those days better.  Above all else, believe that you can and will bounce back!