Daily Motivation – Jan 31


You have the power.

I have been a victim so many times that I’ve lost count. I decide that I can’t do something alone and I go searching for someone else who has all the answers. I’ve searched far and wide for the all-knowing ones who can shed light on my shadow. But what I’ve found is that there are no all-knowing people. Of course I always learn something along the way but it always ends up coming back to me. I always had the answer. I simply didn’t trust in myself. I didn’t believe that I could have the answer. And with that, the search continued.

But you don’t need to walk that path. Yes… choose adventures, but choose them knowing that the adventure itself doesn’t hold the answers, it’s the journey that will reveal that you always had the power. If you set off on your travels knowing this, you’ll simply be grateful when you realise you had the answers all along.