Daily Motivation – Jan 29


Keep your dreams alive and watch them become a reality.

How many times have you confided your deepest aspirations to someone you trust only to be told it could never happen? It’s such a shattering experience that can take a long time to get past. I’ve been on both sides of this. Back in my early 20’s, I had a boyfriend who was unbelievably dedicated to his sport: cricket. Of all games to be dedicated to, this game goes for a LONG time. It’s not a short game like soccer or football. Cricket goes on forever! And I used to watch every game. I tried to be supportive (as his sport seemed to be taking over my life) until one day I snapped and told him he was never going to play for Australia. If it was going to happen, he’d already be there. I’ll never forget the crushed look on his face. It was awful. As it turned out, he played overseas for a while and ended up coming back to Australia playing first grade for a few years. I recently saw him and we were watching the cricket on TV. One of the players, who he’d captained in first grade, scored a century and rang him to let him know. That was my lesson. Even if he didn’t end up playing for Australia, he had a role in the lives of other people who went on to do great things. Simply focusing on a goal and putting in all your effort to do your very best might inspire somebody else to do the same, and possibly go further than you ever could. Never tell somebody it can’t be done. They need their dream to stay alive. It’s a privilege and an honour when somebody chooses you to confide in. Respect it and value the high regard they have for you. Encourage the dream and be the shoulder they need to lean on.