Daily Motivation – Jan 27


Speak from the heart.

Make the decision to throw aside all the expectations you have put upon yourself to think or act a certain way. Make the choice to speak directly from the heart. It may not be the popular opinion but, if it is your opinion, then that’s what matters. Speaking from the heart frees you and gives you permission to be who you truly are without the constraints society can sometimes put upon us. Advertising shows us how we are ‘supposed’ to be… perfect mothers, perfect partners, perfect wives, perfect friends. The fact is.. we’re none of those things. Nobody’s perfect. So instead of spiritually flogging yourself for being a failure, embrace your imperfection and put it out there for the world to see. You’ll be amazed at how many other people have been stuck in the same torturous rut trying to find a way to escape. When you share your truth, you provide a safe place for others to share their truth. You will never really know the enormous impact your choice to speak from the heart may truly have on the world.