Daily Motivation – Jan 23


Make a point of scheduling time out for fun and laughter with good friends.

Work hard but make a point of setting time to play too. Although it’s tempting to put your own needs aside and attend to the needs of all the other people in your life, those you love and those you don’t, it’s important to take care of yourself.

When a teacher asked my daughter what she wanted to do when she grows up, her answer was “Have fun!” I admired that response for so many reasons. There was no urge to set her sail in a direction headed towards some future responsibility or title. Her answer was from a soul level. It was about staying true to yourself and ensuring that life is always a place of happiness.

Girls do want to have fun but we’re responsible for ensuring that we create the space in our lives for fun to live. If we’re happy, content and fulfilled, then we will be better armed with everything we need to care for those people we truly love.