Daily Motivation – Jan 21


Enjoy the journey and take the opportunities presented to you to learn.

Have you ever experienced a journey that was full of twists and turns, some of them full of laughter and joy and some of them truly heart-wrenching? I’ve had many of those moments and oftentimes, when I look back, I realise I arrived at a far better place than when I began that journey. Sometimes it’s very different to where I imagined I’d be. But there is a deep joy and satisfaction that came from the journey and a peace that sits within me now.

There are a sea of lessons that we are presented with along the way. My intention is to learn those lessons and hold them close. Every now and then I fail to learn though, and so I know I will see that lesson show up again in my life at another time. It will be bigger and probably more painful too. So I try my hardest to learn them when they are small.

So although I arrive at a destination that may appear very different to where I began, I arrive armed with more tools tucked away in my toolbox that I can select for various obstacles I will almost definitely face in the future.