Daily Motivation – Jan 10


Be grateful for everything that makes you who you are.

Liking yourself… hmm… that’s the greatest challenge for so many of us. If we’re not too busy dwelling on everything that we think is wrong with us, we may find time to actually like what it is that we are doing.

The truth is that everybody can find an endless number of things they’d like to improve in their own lives, personalities and bodies. However, the easier (and far more productive) path is to accept yourself for how you are. Why torture yourself worrying about things that you can’t change? It’s pointless.

Instead, look at all the wonderful aspects of yourself; be grateful for them and proud of them. Stand tall and know that you are amazing. Look at the path you’ve been given and know that you have done the best job you possibly could have done navigating that path.

Choose to continue your journey in a way that suits you and a way that you enjoy. Write down anything that comes to mind showing you a more enjoyable way to live your life and achieve your goals. Then continue to walk your path the way you want to walk it dancing to your own funky beat the rest of the way.