Daily Motivation – Jan 9


Be true to yourself and follow your dreams.

Do you have a secret burning desire to learn to sing, sew, do the samba? Take the plunge. Sign up for a class. Why the hell not? What are you waiting for? So often we hear a friend confide in us their childhood dream of doing tap dancing, or to take a pottery class. Whatever the desire, there really is nothing stopping you from reaching out and making this dream a reality. If you love to sing, you may as well learn to sing well.

Or are you the person who makes amazing handmade crafts for your friends and family? Do they come by asking for you to make another? Why not turn this into a business?  It’s got to be worth a try. You don’t want to spend your everyday trudging off to a job you hate wishing you were doing what it is that you love. Give it a go! You might be surprised at how successful it could be.