Daily Motivation – Dec 27


People told me it would never work so I made it happen.

Have you ever taken a chance and shared your inner most sacred dreams and aspirations with another person only to have them torn apart in front of you? It’s heartbreaking and it breeds distrust. It’s nobody’s place to destroy another person’s dreams. If a dream exists within somebody else, it’s their dream that came from their own self. It’s theirs to own and it was a huge honor for them to share this part of themselves with you. Honor that privilege and trust. It’s a big moment in a person’s life and you have to handle it very carefully.

If you happen to be on the receiving end of a person who rips your dream apart or laughs at your goals, you have to dismiss the comments and stay focused. The world is full of amazing people who were told hundreds of times that their ideas would never work. But they did it anyway! And you can too!

Take that negative energy and convert it into positive energy. Let it fuel your passion and commitment. Work harder than ever to achieve your goal. You’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of with huge commitment and action.