Daily Motivation – Dec 26


Once upon a time I dreamt it. Then I made it happen.

Have you ever dreamt about something that seemed completely out of reach and most likely would stay that way for the forseeable future. However, despite all the obstacles in front of you, somehow you find yourself living the dream. When I look back over my lifetime, it’s amazing how many times I’ve had those moments. I have a few moments where I’ve realised I’m standing right in the middle of what was once a dream and I pause for a moment to really feel the way it feels to have achieved the goal I set or the dream I dreamt. Take the time to feel it in your bones. That’s the moment of gratitude, of appreciation for the life you’ve been given and all the choices that you’ve made that have led you to this moment. It’s a big moment to embrace.

And that feeling is addictive. It tends to inspire you to make your dreams come true over and over again.