Daily Motivation – Dec 12


In your lifetime, which invention has had the biggest impact? See how imagination, belief and action really can have an impact.

This message came directly from my grandfather. I had a meaningful conversation with him one day where we discussed the amazing list of inventions he’d seen in his lifetime and the great impact they had on his life. The story he relayed to me that I will never forget was when, for some reason, he’d misplaced my father’s phone number. He went to the library to ask for the number and was told to go to the post office. At the post office, he was directed to a small room at the back, in which was only a table with a rectangular box placed on top. He told me that “Like magic, a piece of paper came out of the top of the box and on the paper was the phone number.” He was talking about a fax machine. I thought it was an amazing story and to watch his face come alive telling the story spoke volumes to me. At the time, my great new discovery was the internet. I remember taking along my new rectangle box to show my grandparents the internet and the fact that you could type something into a search engine and it would only take a couple of seconds to show you where you could find this thing. Of course, now it takes all of a split second and is far more accurate than it was in the earliest days but it was still magical and miraculous.

For every invention, there was a person who came up with a crazy idea that they believed in with all their being. They were hugely passionate, took great action and dedicated remarkable amounts of time to this bringing this idea to fruition.

One person’s imagination can change the world. Listen to the message you’re given and make an impact.