Daily Motivation – Dec 11


Carve your own path. You have the tools.

You are far more capable than you imagine. We all have the tools we need to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. This window of opportunity doesn’t close until we close it. Throughout our lifetime, we continue learning new lessons and new skills, which are all tools for us to add to our tool kit. Trust that you’ll be led to the tools you need to achieve everything you will ever aspire to in your lifetime. Anything you create from a place of purity and passion will connect with others in a big way and help you to continue on your path collecting more and more useful tools along the way. You don’t have to walk the path another person has carved. They’ve created the path with their own set of tools. Your tools may be very different. If you feel you should carve a different path, do it! Carve the path with the tools you’ve been given and the tools you’ve collected throughout your lifetime. Do it your way.