Daily Motivation – Dec 9


Sometimes you just know what to do. And when you are in that moment and it feels totally right without any hesitation and there is no resistance whatsoever, that’s when you know that your intuition is guiding you. If you make a choice and straight away you start questioning whether or not you made the right choice, that might be your intuition letting you know it’s time to rewind and make a different move.

A couple of years ago I invested a lot of money in a program that would help me grow in the way I ran my business. My intention was to learn more so that I could provide my customers with the very best products I knew how to deliver and at that time, I felt that I needed some additional learning and guidance to achieve that goal. The person at the helm of this program was very well known and I trusted his guidance. However, as I signed the paperwork to hand over payment, although I was excited I now realise I also knew it wasn’t a crash hot idea. I let a friend of mine talk me into doing the program. It wasn’t a hard sell. I was ready to leap if someone pushed me. In retrospect, I am able to look at some of questions I asked before joining and I realise I didn’t even want to hear the answers. The answers themselves should have rung alarm bells. I remember ringing trusted friends to tell them the choice I’d made and hear their words of support but I was telling them all the reasons why it was a great idea and in truth, I now realise I was really trying to convince myself it was a good idea. But I knew the minute I did it that it probably wasn’t the right thing for me to do. I learnt a lot about myself that year and, although it didn’t teach me anything I needed to help my customers in the way I’d hoped, it did teach me a lot about myself and others. It was a very expensive series of lessons but I know those lessons have strengthened me and prepared me for whatever path lies ahead of me. I trust my intuition now and I take the time to listen to the answers. I make sure I do not rush big decisions regardless of how others feel about my choice to do so.