Daily Motivation – Dec 6


I hate being forced to make a spur of the moment decision before I’ve had the time to really consider the consequences that decision will bring. When you think about it, this situation can occur quite often in our lives. Just yesterday I was speaking with a business associate who asked if we could make an appointment to meet. I was silly enough to set the appointment without taking any time to think. I thought my schedule was fairly clear this coming week but as it turns out, I had another appointment at exactly the same time. So there I was trying to move everything around to accommodate both appointments. It was crazy and a waste of time. That’s only the tiniest thing and there are plenty more times when I would be far better off to take some time to wind down, sit in the stillness and consider the consequences of my decision.

Some decisions are BIG; possibly life changing. You don’t want to rush into those without taking the time to think. Don’t worry about people who pressure you to make a decision straight away. You’ll know if the decision feels right. If not, wait a while.