Daily Motivation – Nov 25


You are unique. You are creative and you are inspirational. Let your creativity run wild. Once you open the door and give your creativity wings, it will fly. Nobody else would create something or act in exactly the same way you would.  People who choose to be around you- friends, family, colleagues – will be inspired by something you do or the way you do it. We all need this. We choose to surround ourselves by the people who lift us higher and enable us to develop certain parts of ourselves that might not already be developed. Perhaps your friends like the way you greet people when you enter a room. They might be inspired to lift their energy to the same level. They may be inspired by your amazing ability to make fabulous healthy family meals. There are a myriad of things you do that provide inspiration to others just as you are inspired by others. Keep being yourself and accept the precious gifts you are able to share with those around you.