Daily Motivation – 9 May


I think I was about 18-years old when I first connected with this quote in a powerful way. It paints a simple picture you can’t forget. For some reason it had a huge impact on what I did and the choices I made. But although I made an effort to go out on a limb at that time and try new things, I stopped reaching out as far in my 20s after my daughter was born. I was only 24 when she was born and at that time, it felt like I needed to play things safe. It took some time before I realised that by refusing to challenge myself, I was stopping myself from growing and I wasn’t enjoying my life as much as I should have been. The best part is that I just needed to start making better choices. Anybody can do that… at any time.

Every choice I have made has led me to where I am now. I am generally trying to reach in one area of my life at any time. They don’t have to be grand gestures. But they are fairly constant nudges. Maybe I read about healthy food choices, go to a new class, create a new website. I’ve created a few websites now but Ruby Roundabout was a big reach for me because it’s the first time I made the choice to talk about me and my family and that meant being open to the possibility of criticism. So there was a big chance that I could fall whilst reaching. That wouldn’t be a first. Sometimes when I’ve reached for the fruit, I’ve fallen. It hurts a lot at the time. But I’ve always learnt a lot from that fall and I’m able to make sure I don’t make that same mistake again. When I finally reach the fruit, it tastes amazing and I enjoy it so much more!