5 minute Yoga exercises

Anyone that tells you yoga isn’t dangerous doesn’t know what he or she is talking about.  Why?  Just ask any tired mum how long she was able to stay awake while trying to do downward facing dog, for example.  Yoga is great for you, but you have to choose your poses carefully you if don’t want to fall asleep.  Let’s take a look at a few poses that you can do in as little as 5-minutes that will also keep you from falling asleep.

Warrior Pose

Yoga Asana

If you are very sleepy, then poses like the child’s pose or downward facing dog might finish you off.  This is why you should instead opt for poses such as warrior pose, which involves holding both your arms out at your side while having your head looking in one direction.  In warrior pose, one foot should be pointed in the direction that your head is pointed and the other foot should be anchored for balance; think of a baseball pitcher.

Cat Pose

Beautiful woman doing cat yoga pose

Cat pose is a very good yoga pose.  But it does mean getting on the ground (which, of course, could lead to sleep), so approach this pose with caution.  While on your hands and knees, arch your back while allowing your head to drop forward.  Then reverse the move, allowing your head to slowly come back up and your back straighten out.  If you want to keep your back muscles flexible, it is tough to beat cat pose.  However, don’t be too surprised to find your cat sleeping on you when you wake up!

Mountain Pose

easy begginer yoga pose

After cat pose, you absolutely have to get up off the ground or your finished; you’ll be out cold.  Mountain pose is a smart move for your third pose.  Start off with your feet together.  Next work to make sure that your entire body is straight and relaxed.  Then raise your hands up and over your head so that your palms touch each other.  At this point, the fingers should be pointing upwards.  Now, don’t forget that this pose is about relaxation, so focus on your breathing and keeping your muscles relaxed.

In five-minutes or less, you can conquer all three of these simple poses.  Thanks to these three yoga poses, you should be able to reduce some stress, clear your mind and keep your muscles lose.